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Graphite Block

Product categories of Graphite Block, we are specialized manufacturers from China, Graphite Block, Graphite Anode Plate suppliers/factory, wholesale high-quality products of Rotary Kiln Graphite Block R & D and manufacturing, we have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. Look forward to your cooperation!


    • Rotary kiln graphite seal block

    Rotary kiln graphite seal block

    • Transportation: Ocean

    In the graphite industry known as graphite products have been widely used in many industries graphite sealing ring believe often walk in the graphite circle friends are know so why was graphite as the sealing material This is a question worth exploring Graphite is characterized by conductive properties good thermal...

    • Ultra fine ball graphite

    Ultra fine ball graphite

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Spherical graphite is a graphite product which is modified with high quality and high carbon natural flake graphite and modified by advanced processing technology The main indexes of spherical graphite quality are measured One is physical performance index including particle size D50 mu m vibration density g cm3...

    • Special high purity graphite block

    Special high purity graphite block

    • Transportation: Ocean

    High purity graphite refers to graphite carbon content 99 99 widely used in high grade refractory material and coating of metallurgy industry military industry fire engineering pencil lead on material stabilizer light industry electrical industry of carbon brush electrode of battery industry fertilizer industry...

    • The graphite carbon plate

    The graphite carbon plate

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Graphite carbon plate is made of high quality graphite carbon material adding acid resistant organic compound High pressure forming vacuum impregnating heat treatment It is an ideal lining material for the phosphoric acid reaction trough and phosphate storage tank of chemical industry Products adopt high quality...

    • High purity graphite block

    High purity graphite block

    • Transportation: Ocean

    High purity graphite piece of fixed carbon content is greater than or equal to 99 9 mainly used in flexible graphite sealing material nuclear graphite crucible instead of platinum for chemical reagent melting and lubricant base etc high purity graphite blocks used for silicon carbide furnace graphitization furnace and...

    • The isostatic pressure graphite

    The isostatic pressure graphite

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Isostatic pressure graphite is pressed by high purity graphite Isostatic pressing graphite is a new product developed in the last 50 years which is closely linked with today s high technology It is a new material which is of great importance in the field of defense It is a manufacturing single crystal furnace metal...

    • Graphite blocks for casting

    Graphite blocks for casting

    • Transportation: Ocean

    In general use graphite chill because of casting wall thickness is too thick or casting wall thickness difference is big cold iron graphite mainly is rapid uniform and controllable extremely cold because the coefficient of thermal conductivity of graphite is stable and then there is between the high temperature...

    • The punched graphite block

    The punched graphite block

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Relatively low hardness of graphite material by ordinary drilling machine milling machine with normal drill holes can be processing if the nylon content is higher please add water cooling prevent nylon high temperature deformation if large graphite content please do not add water graphite is easy to absorb water be...

    • The pyrolytic graphite block

    The pyrolytic graphite block

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Pyrolytic graphite is a new carbon material high purity hydrogen gas under certain furnace pressure in 1800 2000 on graphite substrates by chemical vapor deposition of pyrolytic carbon of high crystallization orientation it has a high density 2 20 g cm high purity impurity content 0 0002 and heat electricity magnetic...

    • Lightning resistant graphite block

    Lightning resistant graphite block

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Lightning protection belongs to the electric industry the graphite flake belongs to the non metal processing industry the lightning protection industry and the graphite industry these two wind horse and cow not phase and the product is how to connect together Graphite is a kind of nonmetallic mineral materials we know...

    • Advanced alkaline graphite blocks

    Advanced alkaline graphite blocks

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Due to its many excellent properties graphite has been widely used in metallurgy mechanical electrical chemical textile defense and other industrial sectors It can be used as refractory Graphite products maintain the original chemical properties of flake graphite and have strong self lubricating properties The...

    • Special smelting graphite blocks

    Special smelting graphite blocks

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Graphite blocks for silicon carbide furnace graphite furnace and other metallurgical furnaces resistance furnace for lining and conductive materials and opaque graphite heat exchangers Widely used in electronics metallurgy chemical industry steel and other fields the product quality is excellent the performance is...

    • Graphite for steel making

    Graphite for steel making

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Molten metal is used as a method of molten steel in graphite clay crucibles In 1742 by the British hong s B H untsman first of all he will be carburized iron material cut into small pieces put in sealed clay crucible heating on the outside of the crucible continue to absorb iron material melt graphite carbon and...

    • Special cast graphite block

    Special cast graphite block

    • Transportation: Ocean

    The sintered mould and bracket of the transistor are widely used which has become an indispensable material for the development of semiconductor industry And graphite mould used in cast iron the durability of various non ferrous metals with mold casting mold steel refractory metals titanium zirconium molybdenum etc...

    • Advanced rubber graphite block

    Advanced rubber graphite block

    • Transportation: Ocean

    The abrasion resistance and tensile strength of the adhesive are closely related The nanometer structure of carbon black surface makes the tensile failure of the adhesive increase with the tensile strength so the abrasion loss is reduced The distance between the two aggregates or the size and the mesh size of the mesh...

    • The graphite block teflon

    The graphite block teflon

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Graphite modified ptfe gasket Graphite filled ptfe gasket also called graphite modified ptfe gaskets or black ptfe gasket is polytetrafluoethylene resin added some filler such as glass fiber bronze powder molybdenum disulfide graphite carbon fiber etc after high speed mixing with the moulding then through high heat...

    • High acid graphite block

    High acid graphite block

    • Transportation: Ocean

    In the chemical industry graphite acid is used in the treatment of acid oxidants To identify graphite and other carbon materials It can also make seawater purifying filter material Graphite is made into corrosion resistant materials such as chemical reaction tank and storage tank etc Graphite can also be used for...

    • Electrolytic Electroplating Graphite Plate

    Electrolytic Electroplating Graphite Plate

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Graphite plate has good conductivity high temperature resistance acid alkali corrosion and easy processing Therefore it is widely used in metallurgy chemical and electrochemical industries Graphite plate has high purity graphite plate electrode graphite plate and flexible graphite plate Graphite square the common...

China Graphite Block Suppliers

Graphite block is a solid shape, which is usually made of artificial graphite, graphite mould and so on. It also has small graphite blocks made of Flake Graphite, such as a carbon brush. Graphite is mostly powder, such as soil Graphite Powder, flake graphite and other powder.

Graphite blocks for silicon carbide furnace, graphite furnace and other metallurgical furnaces, resistance furnace for lining and conductive materials, and opaque graphite heat exchangers. Widely used in electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, steel and other fields, the product quality is excellent, the performance is stable.

The function and use of high purity (isostatic pressure) graphite blocks

Production and processing of various materials, specifications of the graphite rods, graphite products, Graphite Block, graphite block, graphite plate, graphite tubes of rotary kiln, High Purity Graphite crucible, graphite ring, graphite boat graphite products, such as the opposite sex, with high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, melting high purity, strong corrosion resistance, long service life, etc. Create the graphite block of special rotary kiln in rotary kiln, including kiln head, kiln tail graphite block and Graphite Seal Block. With long service life, the attached impurity content is very few, with high volume density and strong anti-folding ability.

Graphite, graphite, soft, black grey; It has a greasy feel and can contaminate paper. The hardness is 1 ~ 2, and the hardness can be increased to 3 ~ 5 along the vertical direction with impurities. The proportion is 1. 9 ~ 2. 3. Scope of specific surface area is focused on the 1-20 m2 / g, under the condition of starvation, its melting point above 3000 ℃, is one of the most heat-resistant mineral. It conducts electricity and conducts heat.

There is no pure graphite in nature, which often contains impurities such as SiO2, Al2O3, FeO, CaO, P2O5 and CuO. These impurities often appear in the form of quartz, pyrite, carbonate and other minerals. In addition, there are water, asphalt, CO2, H2, CH4, N2 and other gas parts. Therefore, in addition to determination of fixed carbon content, the content of volatile and ash content must be measured.

The technological properties of Natural Graphite classification graphite are mainly determined by its crystalline form. The crystalline form of graphite minerals has different industrial values and USES.

1. Dense crystalline graphite:

Dense crystalline graphite is also called blocky graphite. Such graphite crystals are clearly visible to the naked eye. The particle diameter is greater than 0. 1mm, which is concentrated in 0.1-1m2/g than surface area, and the crystal is arranged in a disorganized and dense block structure. This kind of: the characteristic of graphite is high grade, the average carbon content is 60 ~ 65 %, sometimes reach 80 ~ 98%, but its malleable and slippery sex is not as good as flake graphite is good.

2. Special Graphite :

Graphene is widely used in industry and is used in almost every industry. Industrial use of synthetic graphite, or special graphite. According to its forming way can be divided into the following kinds.

1. Isostatic pressure graphite, the three high graphite that many people call, but not the third height is isostatic pressure.

2. Pressed graphite.

3. Extruded graphite, mostly electrode material.

(1) processing speed is faster: usually, graphite's machining speed can be 2~5 times faster than that of copper; The discharge process is 2~3 times faster than copper.

The materials are more difficult to deform: the advantages of the thin rib electrode are obvious. The softening point of copper is around 1000 degrees, which can be easily distorted by heat. The sublimation temperature of graphite is 3650 degrees. The thermal expansion coefficient is only 1/30 of copper.

(2) lighter weight: the density of graphite is only 1/5 of copper, and the large electrode can reduce the burden of machine tool (EDM). It is more suitable for use in large mould.

(3) smaller discharge consumption; Because the spark oil also contains C atoms, in edm, high temperature lead to spark came out of the oil C atoms are broken down, turned on the surface of Graphite Electrode form a protective film, compensate the loss of the graphite electrode.

(4) no burrs; After finishing, the copper electrode needs to be repaired by hand to remove the burrs. However, graphite processing has no burrs. It saves a lot of cost and is easier to realize automatic production.

(5) graphite is easier to grind and polish; Because graphite's cutting resistance is only 1/5 of copper, it is easier to grind and polish by hand.

(6) lower material cost and more stable price; Due to rising prices in recent years, and now isotropic graphite copper price is lower, under the same volume, the universality of toyotanso graphite products price is 30% ~ 60% lower than the price of copper, and the price is more stable, short-term price fluctuations is very small.

It is this incomparable advantage that graphite products gradually replace copper as the preferred material for EDM electrode.

Graphite Block

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