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Graphite Powder

Product categories of Graphite Powder, we are specialized manufacturers from China, Graphite Powder, Nano-Graphite Powder suppliers/factory, wholesale high-quality products of Graphite Carbon R & D and manufacturing, we have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. Look forward to your cooperation!


    • High acid graphite powder

    High acid graphite powder

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Graphene oxide is of two affinity The biophile of graphene oxide comes from its hydrophilic edge and hydrophobic group on the surface Like ionic surfactant molecules the amphiphilic may vary with the ionization degree of the marginal COOH group or the pH value of the dispersed fluid A higher pH may lead to an increase...

    • Ordinary casting graphite powder

    Ordinary casting graphite powder

    • Transportation: Ocean

    The casting graphite powder has a metallic luster soft quality and stable chemical properties It is not affected by strong acid and alkali Less harmful impurities iron sulfur phosphorus and nitrogen molybdenum low hydrogen content high temperature resistance heat transfer conductive lubrication and plasticity mainly...

    • Super fine graphite powder

    Super fine graphite powder

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Graphite powder use played an important role in the areas of industry is one of the important raw materials industrial production need to Qingdao huatai graphite as graphite powder manufacturer has been strictly controls the graphite powder quality the graphite powder the user s favor In the graphite powder market...

    • Powder metallurgy for graphite powder

    Powder metallurgy for graphite powder

    • Transportation: Ocean

    4 graphite has good chemical stability After special processing of graphite with corrosion resistance good thermal conductivity low permeability and other characteristics a large number of used for the production of heat exchangers reaction tank condensate combustion tower absorption tower cooler heater filter Pump...

    • Crystalline nano graphite powder

    Crystalline nano graphite powder

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Nano graphite powder is graphite through the ultra fine grinder crushed into graphite powder particles graphite powder particles through the nano mesh graphite powder is nano graphite powder Nano graphite powder particle size reached the nanometer level Nano graphite through a special process method high purity...

    • High carbon nano-grade graphite

    High carbon nano-grade graphite

    • Transportation: Ocean

    7 Graphite can also prevent fouling of the boiler and relevant unit tests show that adding a certain amount of graphite powder about 4 5 grams of water per ton of water to the water can prevent the boiler surface scaling In addition graphite is coated in metal chimneys roofing Bridges and pipelines that can rust and...

    • Ultra fine graphite powder

    Ultra fine graphite powder

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Ultra fine graphite powder and ordinary graphite powder is the difference between the size of its graphite particle size is not the same in general the particle size of less than 10 m can become a superfine graphite powder and in the ultra fine graphite powder industry Qingdao Huatai graphite do Early after a long...

    • Carbon brush for graphite powder

    Carbon brush for graphite powder

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Chemically stable not affected by strong acid and alkali less harmful impurities low iron and sulfur content with high temperature heat transfer conductive lubrication and plasticity widely used in casting coating batteries carbon products Pigments refractory materials governance refining carbon agent destined to...

    • The soil graphite powder

    The soil graphite powder

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Earthy graphite powder deep metamorphic grade high quality microcrystalline ink the majority of graphite carbon just grey color metal luster soft mo hardness 1 2 of color proportion of 2 2 24 stable chemical properties not affected by the strong acid and alkali less harmful impurities earthy graphite iron sulfur...

    • Graphite powder for steel making

    Graphite powder for steel making

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Graphite is used as a carbon additive in the steel making industry Carburizing is used in a wide range of carbon materials including artificial graphite petroleum coke metallurgical coke and natural graphite The use of graphite is still one of the main USES of graphite The application of graphite electrode in smelting...

    • Graphite powder for smelting

    Graphite powder for smelting

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Graphite powder is essentially carbon chemistry and coal is a little bit different from coal and coal can be burned to do oxidation and both are reducing agents Graphite powder is a kind of battery negative material Process for graphite powder will be after the bursting of the ore minerals by car to the broken stone...

    • Ultra fine conductive graphite powder

    Ultra fine conductive graphite powder

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Graphite powder is a good composite materials and modified materials graphite powder can be used in epoxy vinyl ester resin graphite powder effect on the properties of epoxy vinyl ester resin is some because the graphite powder has good lubricity electrical conductivity high temperature resistance corrosion resistance...

    • High quality graphite powder

    High quality graphite powder

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Casting graphite powder USES casting industry the graphite coated on the surface of the solid can form a smooth film adhesion strong this is the appearance of graphite good coating performance it is a good casting remover casting commonly used graphite powder have crystalline graphite powder flake graphite powder or...

    • Lightning proof graphite powder

    Lightning proof graphite powder

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Lightning protection device of graphite piece also known as the surge of graphite piece the SPD graphite piece electric grinding DJS mainly including gap lightning protection device and no gap lightning protection device lightning protection device is through modern electrical and other equipment of the technology to...

    • The conductive graphite powder

    The conductive graphite powder

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Conductive graphite powder epoxy guide resistance in a traditional electrostatic floor coating production domestic is usually by adding inorganic conductive graphite powder etc to make coating has certain conductivity conductive carbon fiber is a kind of high conductivity material its comprehensive performance is...

    • Rubber with graphite powder

    Rubber with graphite powder

    • Transportation: Ocean

    High purity graphite superfine powder with colloidal graphite powder mainly used in special pen powder metallurgy oil grease dry cell is special conductive coatings lubrication coatings costind scientific research institutions of scientific research civilian nuclear power aviation and strategic power interference...

    • High alkaline graphite powder

    High alkaline graphite powder

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Graphite powder soft black grey It has a greasy feel and can contaminate paper The hardness is 1 2 and the hardness can be increased to 3 5 along the vertical direction with impurities The proportion is 1 9 2 3 Under the condition of starvation its melting point above 3000 is one of the most heat resistant mineral The...

China Graphite Powder Suppliers

Graphite powder soft, dark gray; greasy feeling, can contaminate the paper. Hardness of 1 to 2, along the vertical direction with the increase in the hardness of the hardness can be increased to 3 to 5. Specific gravity of 1.9 to 2.3. In the isolated oxygen conditions, the melting point of more than 3000 ℃, is one of the most resistant minerals. At room temperature, the chemical properties of Graphite Powder is relatively stable, insoluble in water, dilute acid, dilute alkali and organic solvents; materials with high temperature conductive properties, do refractory materials, conductive materials, wear-resistant lubricating materials.

Graphite powder is widely used, according to its different use, we can be divided into the following categories of graphite powder

1. Scale graphite powder

Flake Graphite powder is the most widely used, but also processed into other graphite powder of the original material, scaly graphite powder specifications from 32 to -12000 mesh range, scaly graphite powder toughness is good, with good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, can be used as refractory Materials, wear-resistant lubricating materials, conductive materials, casting, Fansha, die and high temperature metallurgical materials

2. Colloidal Graphite powder

Colloidal graphite is formed by the average dispersion of graphite particles below 2u meters in an organic solvent. Colloidal graphite is a viscous suspension of black filaments. Colloidal graphite powder with high quality Natural Flake Graphite performance, in high temperature conditions with special oxidation resistance, self-lubricating and plasticity, at the same time with good conductivity, thermal conductivity and adhesion, mainly used in sealing, metallurgical stripping and other industries

3. Ultrafine graphite powder

Ultrafine graphite powder specifications are generally between 8000 mesh -10000 mesh, mainly used in powder metallurgy release agent, the production of graphite crucible, the battery anode and make conductive materials additives

4, Nano-Graphite Powder

Nano-graphite powder main specifications for the D30 50 100 400 nm, nano-graphite powder process is more complex, low production rate, so relatively high prices, mainly used in anti-corrosion coatings, lubricants additives, grease additives, precision graphite seal And other industries, in addition, nano-graphite powder in scientific research institutions also has a high application value

5, High Purity Graphite powder

Graphite Powder

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