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Natural Graphite

Product categories of Natural Graphite, we are specialized manufacturers from China, Natural Graphite, Expanded Graphite suppliers/factory, wholesale high-quality products of Colloidal Graphite R & D and manufacturing, we have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. Look forward to your cooperation!


    • Micro powder of graphite

    Micro powder of graphite

    • Transportation: Ocean

    The powder graphite adopts advanced grinding equipment such as high speed pulverizer ramon mill airflow grinder and so on Mainly used in powder metallurgy lubricating oil grease dry cell conductive coatings lubrication coatings is special costind scientific research institutions of scientific research civilian nuclear...

    • The natural colloidal graphite

    The natural colloidal graphite

    • Transportation: Ocean

    The size of the colloidal particles should be theoretically between 0 1 m and 0 01 m In fact the general colloidal graphite products the size of graphite particles and more in the 1 m to several microns Colloidal graphite sedimentation speed is very slow to maintain a uniform dispersion of the state when the colloidal...

    • Natural graphite for resistant materials

    Natural graphite for resistant materials

    • Transportation: Ocean

    A refractory material mainly composed of graphite There will also be with graphite and clay as the main raw material made of refractory products that included according to the content of clay and graphite respectively called clay graphite products graphite content and graphite clay products clay content Graphite...

    • The natural Expandable Graphite

    The natural Expandable Graphite

    • Transportation: Ocean

    The graphite crystal has a hexagonal planar layered structure composed of carbon elements The carbon atoms in the plane plane are strongly covalently bonded and the layers are combined with van der Waals forces which are very weak and the interlayer distance is large Therefore under the appropriate conditions acid...

    • The natural aphanitic graphite

    The natural aphanitic graphite

    • Transportation: Ocean

    The natural aphanitic graphite fine grain generally under the microscope is not easy to identify the crystal shape of natural graphite grain less than one micron The natural aphanitic graphite also known as earth like graphite amorphous graphite Aphanitic graphite is a rock made of carbonaceous material by thermal...

    • The natural black stone

    The natural black stone

    • Transportation: Ocean

    • Type: Graphite Powder

    • Composition: Clay

    • Carbon Content: High-Carbon

    • Grade: UHP

    The natural black stone include Crystalline natural black stone Cryptocrystalline natural black stone Artificial natural black stone Graphite is one of the elements carbon allotropes each carbon atom surrounding link with the other three carbon atoms arrangement in multiple hexagonal honeycomb by covalent bond...

    • Large scale natural graphite

    Large scale natural graphite

    • Transportation: Ocean

    Flake graphite is widely used in the treatment of gold industry of advanced refractory materials and coatings Such as magnesia carbon brick crucible etc Military industrial firework material stabilizer smelting industrial desulfurization growth agent light industry lead pen electric industry carbon brush battery...

    • Superior soil natural graphite

    Superior soil natural graphite

    • Transportation: Ocean

    The soil graphite is also called microcrystalline ink mainly in Inner Mongolia shanxi hunan and other provinces The quality of soil graphite is excellent the fixed carbon content is high the harmful impurities are low the sulfur and iron content is extremely low the graphite market enjoys a high reputation at home and...

China Natural Graphite Suppliers

Natural Graphite, as its name implies, is naturally formed by natural Graphite, which is generally found in graphite schist, graphite-gneiss, graphite-bearing schist and metamorphic shale.


The chemical composition of graphite is carbon (C). Naturally produced graphite is rarely pure and often contains impurities, including SiO2, Al2O3, MgO, CaO, P2O5, CuO, V2O5, H2O, S, FeO and H, N, CO2, CH4, NH3, etc. Natural graphite minerals are black, steel gray, striated black; Metallic luster, crypto, dull, opaque; The hardness is isotropic, the vertical cleavage surface is 3 ~ 5, the parallel cleavage surface is 1 ~ 2; Qualitative soft, density is 2.09 ~ 2.23 g/cm3, have the feeling of greasy, easy to contaminate finger. Mineral chip under the transmitted light is generally not transparent, extremely thin can pervious to light, the light green gray, refractive index of 1.93 ~ 2.07, under the reflected light is light gray, reflective pleochroism, Ro gray with brown, Re dark blue gray, reflectivity Ro23 (red), Re5.5 (red), the reflected color, double reflection were significantly, strong heterogeneity, polarization color for straw yellow.

Graphite is a complex six-party double cone, assumes the six-party tabular crystal, common simplex are parallel double, six-party double cone, hexagonal prism, but in good condition with rare crystal forms, the generally show scaly or platy, aggregate density lump, earthy or globular.


The process performance and usage of graphite is mainly depends on the degree of crystallization, in accordance with its natural Graphite Crystal morphology can be divided into crystalline graphite, Flake Graphite) and aphanitic graphite (earthy graphite) two types of industry.

Crystalline graphite

In the crystalline (scale) graphite ore, the diameter of graphite crystals is greater than 1 mu m. Ore grade is low, but optional; The mineral associated with graphite is usually mica, feldspar, quartz, diopathic stone, diabase, garnet and a small amount of pyrite, calcite, etc., some of which have some useful components, such as rutile and vanadium. The ore is scales, grainy scales or granulocyte structures, flaky, flaky, or blocky structures.

Crystalline (scale) graphite is divided into High Purity Graphite, High Carbon Graphite, Medium Carbon Graphite and low Carbon Graphite according to the fixed carbon content.

The high purity graphite (fixed carbon content is greater than or equal to 99.9%) is mainly used for flexible graphite sealing material, nuclear graphite, instead of platinum crucible for chemical reagent melting and lubricant base material, etc.

High carbon graphite (fixed carbon content 94.0% ~ 99.9%) is mainly used for refractory materials, lubricant substrate, brush raw materials, carbon products, battery raw materials, pencil materials, filling materials and coatings, etc.

Carbon graphite (80% ~ 94% fixed carbon content) is mainly used for crucible, refractories, casting materials, foundry coatings, pencil raw materials, battery materials and dyes, etc.

Low carbon graphite (fixed carbon content 50.0% ~ 80.0%) is mainly used for foundry coatings.

Cryptocrystalline graphite

Cryptocrystalline graphite is also called soil graphite or amorphous graphite. In cryptocrystalline graphite ore, graphite crystals are less than 1 mu m in diameter, which are microcrystalline and can only be seen in the electron microscope. High grade of ore, but poor selectable; The mineral associated with graphite is often quartz and calcite; The ore is microscaly - cryptocrystalline structure, block or soil structure.

Cryptocrystalline graphite ore is mainly distributed in contact metamorphic deposits. Actually the diameter graphite flake graphite ore is uneven, the so-called crystalline graphite ore, may also contain the aphanitic graphite, are too many content is often referred to as the mixed type graphite ore, may also contain a small amount of aphanitic graphite quality mineral crystalline flake graphite piece diameter slightly larger than 1 microns.

Cryptocrystalline graphite ore is mainly used in pencil, battery, electrode, graphite emulsion, graphite bearing ingredients and the raw materials of battery carbon rod. The non-ferrous graphite is mainly used for casting materials, refractory materials, dyes and electrode paste.

Natural Graphite

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