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    • Carbon brush for graphite powder

    Carbon brush for graphite powder

    Chemically stable not affected by strong acid and alkali less harmful impurities low iron and sulfur content with high temperature heat transfer conductive lubrication and plasticity widely used in casting coating batteries carbon products Pigments refractory materials governance refining carbon agent destined to...

    • The soil graphite powder

    The soil graphite powder

    Earthy graphite powder deep metamorphic grade high quality microcrystalline ink the majority of graphite carbon just grey color metal luster soft mo hardness 1 2 of color proportion of 2 2 24 stable chemical properties not affected by the strong acid and alkali less harmful impurities earthy graphite iron sulfur...

    • Graphite powder for steel making

    Graphite powder for steel making

    Graphite is used as a carbon additive in the steel making industry Carburizing is used in a wide range of carbon materials including artificial graphite petroleum coke metallurgical coke and natural graphite The use of graphite is still one of the main USES of graphite The application of graphite electrode in smelting...

    • Graphite powder for smelting

    Graphite powder for smelting

    Graphite powder is essentially carbon chemistry and coal is a little bit different from coal and coal can be burned to do oxidation and both are reducing agents Graphite powder is a kind of battery negative material Process for graphite powder will be after the bursting of the ore minerals by car to the broken stone...

    • Ultra fine conductive graphite powder

    Ultra fine conductive graphite powder

    Graphite powder is a good composite materials and modified materials graphite powder can be used in epoxy vinyl ester resin graphite powder effect on the properties of epoxy vinyl ester resin is some because the graphite powder has good lubricity electrical conductivity high temperature resistance corrosion resistance...

    • High quality graphite powder

    High quality graphite powder

    Casting graphite powder USES casting industry the graphite coated on the surface of the solid can form a smooth film adhesion strong this is the appearance of graphite good coating performance it is a good casting remover casting commonly used graphite powder have crystalline graphite powder flake graphite powder or...

    • Molten aluminum graphite crucible

    Molten aluminum graphite crucible

    Feature The production technology of domestic graphite crucible has reached or even exceeded the imported crucible and the high quality domestic graphite crucible has the following characteristics 1 The high density of graphite crucible makes the crucible have the best thermal conductivity and its thermal conductivity...

    • Lightning proof graphite powder

    Lightning proof graphite powder

    Lightning protection device of graphite piece also known as the surge of graphite piece the SPD graphite piece electric grinding DJS mainly including gap lightning protection device and no gap lightning protection device lightning protection device is through modern electrical and other equipment of the technology to...

    • Natural graphite granule of earth ore

    Natural graphite granule of earth ore

    Including soil in the solid phase material except the organic matter and the biology of all inorganic qualitative part such as quartz feldspar mica and hornblende pyroxene and primary mineral water and kaolinite montmorillonite mica iron oxyhydroxide hydrous alumina secondary minerals Soil minerals account for the...

    • The conductive graphite powder

    The conductive graphite powder

    Conductive graphite powder epoxy guide resistance in a traditional electrostatic floor coating production domestic is usually by adding inorganic conductive graphite powder etc to make coating has certain conductivity conductive carbon fiber is a kind of high conductivity material its comprehensive performance is...

    • Rubber with graphite powder

    Rubber with graphite powder

    High purity graphite superfine powder with colloidal graphite powder mainly used in special pen powder metallurgy oil grease dry cell is special conductive coatings lubrication coatings costind scientific research institutions of scientific research civilian nuclear power aviation and strategic power interference...

    • High alkaline graphite powder

    High alkaline graphite powder

    Graphite powder soft black grey It has a greasy feel and can contaminate paper The hardness is 1 2 and the hardness can be increased to 3 5 along the vertical direction with impurities The proportion is 1 9 2 3 Under the condition of starvation its melting point above 3000 is one of the most heat resistant mineral The...

    • The carbon graphite in the scales

    The carbon graphite in the scales

    The flake graphite can be directly used as a carbon conductive filler and can be made into a composite conductive filler for conductive coatings However due to the large addition of graphite flake the coating can be brittle and its application is limited Therefore measures are taken to further improve the conductivity...

    • Advanced regenerative graphite electrode

    Advanced regenerative graphite electrode

    Regeneration of graphite carbon rods in simple terms is to use graphite powder calcined suppression and become compared with graphite electrode rod it has no graphitization process raw material is different also of course graphite electrode rod is much higher cost The graphite carbon rod density is higher than the...

    • Ordinary fragments of graphite

    Ordinary fragments of graphite

    At home and abroad the metamorphosis graphite from the center of large section ductile iron is referred to as the lump graphite In fact fragments of graphite are just images of the metallographic surface After the cast iron matrix is eroded the so called chunks of graphite are joined together and the resulting...

    • Ultra high power graphite

    Ultra high power graphite

    Carbon blocks made from high quality anthracite coke graphite etc A cathode used as an aluminum electrolyser It is masonry at the bottom of the cell and also called the bottom carbon block The characteristic cathode carbon block has the dual function of conducting and forming the lining of the electrolytic cell...

    • Ordinary graphitized anode scrap

    Ordinary graphitized anode scrap

    Graphite anode use Into the electrolyte in electrolytic cell the current from this side of the level 1 is called a graphite anode plate electrolytic industry the anode made of slab so called graphite anode plate are widely used in electroplating wastewater treatment industrial anti corrosion equipment and special...

    • Advanced lightning protection graphite

    Advanced lightning protection graphite

    Graphite gap lightning arrester the lightning arrester is the main use of multi level continuous discharge gap insulation each layer of the spark gap this laminated technology not only solved the problem of afterflow and is a step by step a discharge virtually increased flow ability of product itself Advantages large...

    • Ordinary high power graphite

    Ordinary high power graphite

    With the continuous improvement of steelmaking eaf power density constantly strengthening smelting process it was found that only the lower resistivity of graphite electrode and improve the mechanical strength still can t meet the needs of the smelting The main problem is that the electrodes are prone to fracture and...

    • The graphite electrode crushing

    The graphite electrode crushing

    A lump of graphite form There are many types of graphite including graphite electrodes graphite anode fragments natural graphite fragments and so on It is commonly used in the use of recycled graphite materials making anodes to add materials and the steel industry to make additives which can then be used as coating...

    • Ordinary graphite electrode fragments

    Ordinary graphite electrode fragments

    The lubrication performance of graphite electrode depends on the size of graphite flake The larger the scale the smaller the friction coefficient and the better lubrication performance Graphite has good toughness and can be thin In addition graphite can withstand the drastic change of temperature without damaging the...

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